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Water Purification Technology

Solar powered, low electricity consumption, scalable system capable of removing all impurities from water including organic material, bacteria, nano-bacteria,  viruses, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic etc., pharmaceuticals, fertilizers,  pesticides, chlorine and fluoride  while retaining all natural minerals and a healthy PH balance. This technology is a linear-straight-line scale-up procedure (it can be built to handle any volume of water).  It has no moving parts and is all but maintenance free. It uses electrolysis to purify water.

This technology offers several models ranging from a small home unit capable of purifying up to 2800 gallons per day, to a foot pump and solar powered village unit with the same capacity to a large scale unit capable of purifying over 36,000 gallons per day as also a commercial unit capable of purifying enough for a bottling plant. This technology is ready to manufacture or install. It is patented and in full operation in North America.

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