About Us


Our mission is to provide green technology solutions for some of the most urgent needs of our planet; energy, water, food and waste disposal.

 Our green technologies produce abundant renewable energy, pure drinking water, healthy nutritious food, safe waste disposal and sustainable remediation of soil, water and air.

Integrated together they create a sustainable infrastructure for communities, campuses, cities, states and countries to set up manufacturing, commerce, education, agriculture and social enterprise.

The Rainmakers Solution

The Rainmakers solution is to find a suitable, economical, green technology alternative to the traditional solutions and methods currently practiced.  The status quo is unsustainable and expensive.  Sustainability is a necessity for every business and our green technology solutions are the most efficient means to utilize and optimize scarce resources.

These technologies create solutions that are economically viable, environmental sound and fully sustainable. They provide renewable energy, pure drinking water, 100% water conservation and reuse for agriculture, provide cleanup of contaminated air, water and land, create green employment as well as green businesses and entrepreneurship.