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We invite you to get involved with us in one or several of the following ways listed below:

Engage us for Consulting
Our team of Environmental, Sustainability and Safety consultants brings you a full spectrum of expertize from selecting the most optimal technology solution to full environmental and sustainability, climate change adaptation and resiliency, corporate social and sustainability responsibility, safe and environmentally sound cleanup of contaminated air, water and land as well as occupational safety and health and environmental safety and health issues. We work with EPA as well as European environmental protection policies and standards.

Engage us to Assess and Build a Model for Sustainable Development for your Community
We help you create a custom model for the sustainable development of your own community based on your goals, your current resources and by integrating several of our turnkey renewable energy, water, waste disposal and food production technologies and practices. Our first step in doing this is to create a partnership between your various stakeholders like local government, businesses, academia and community to plan, implement and operate the model we create for you. Each element we present is fully integrated into your existing and the new system we will create for you and bring with it full financing options as well as the potential to create green employment, renewable energy credits, multiple revenue streams, educational opportunities and economic viability. Please ask us for an initial complimentary assessment and needs determination session.

Joint Venture for Commercialization to Full Green Manufacturing
We offer the opportunity for manufacturing our renewable energy technologies listed above either as full scale licensed manufacturing or through a joint venture partnership with your business enterprises. Renewable energy credits and other incentives are available. Green manufacturing creates additional sources of green renewable energy, thousands of green jobs and training opportunities for the workforce, college and high school students.

Assembly, Installation & Maintenance

We are also seeking providers for assembly, installation and maintenance of the renewable energy, water and waste disposal technologies listed above. Assembly and installation creates massive green employment and training opportunities for the local population.

Sales & Distribution

For some of the ready to market technologies like the water, trash to energy and wastewater technologies we are looking for providers of sales and distribution support.

Partner with us on our Humanitarian and Outreach Initiatives

Participate in some of our global educational, or women entrepreneurship programs and enable your organization to provide true transformation from the ground up. Please contact us if you would like more information about our different programs and initiatives.

Join with us to harness the positive power of enterprise as we develop needed renewable technologies, deliver solutions, create markets, and implement them into projects and communities worldwide.  Please contact us to discuss specific engagement opportunities.

Contact Information

Anita Joglekar
President & CEO
Rainmakers Worldwide Inc.
Tel: 765 586 1210
Skype: Anita.Joglekar