Green Technologies

Water Purification Technology
Agricultural Technology
Waste Water Treatment Technology
Solid Waste to Green Electricity Technology


Rainmakers Worldwide is proud to introduce the following cutting edge water purification, wastewater treatment and trash to electricity technologies from our global technology partners. All these technologies are available for immediate installation and offer financing options.

  • A solar powered water purification technology that removes all biological agents, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals while retaining the natural minerals and a healthy PH balance.
  • A solar powered wastewater treatment technology that removes all biological agents, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal products and returns 99.9% pure water for further reuse for agriculture or animal operations.
  • A solid waste to green energy technology that converts all solid waste including tires, oil, oil sludge, coal ash, contaminated soil and municipal solid waste into electricity without producing any emissions. It has zero environmental impact while producing massive amounts of electricity from trash.