Sustainable Community

We build sustainable communities around a core of green technology driven infrastructure such as renewable energy, pure drinking water, safe waste disposal and other components. Our communities are economically viable, environmentally friendly and completely sustainable. They are able to experience energy, water and food independence, 100% water conservation and reuse for agriculture, create massive green employment, education and training opportunities as well as green businesses and entrepreneurship. They are able to provide a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for their residents through healthy and nutritious food and water as well as a nontoxic environment. They are socially advanced as they provide a platform for their residents to express their best gifts and talents as well as enhance them through continuous training and educational opportunities.

Our sustainable communities are built on a model with the following 12 elements:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Abundant Pure Drinking Water through Water Sourcing and Purification
  • Safe Solid Waste Disposal by Conversion to Renewable Energy
  • Wastewater Treatment  creating 100% Water Conservation and Reuse
  • Non GMO, Organic Cultivation of  Crops, Produce & Flowers
  • Green Manufacturing with Research & Development
  • Green Construction for all housing, buildings and roads
  • Clean Transportation through Electric and Biofuel Hybrid vehicles
  • Eco  & Agro Tourism
  • Generate massive employment with Green Jobs, Green Businesses  & Entrepreneurship
  • Education and Training Opportunities for students and workforce
  • Supporting Financial Systems

These Core Elements produce the following ripple effect:

  • Energy independence and use of renewable energy
  • Water Independence and access to pure drinking water
  • 100% reuse of water for agriculture and water conservation
  • Independence from fossil fuels for transportation leading to a zero carbon footprint
  • Conservation of the soil and its nutrients
  • Improved Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Health and wellbeing of the community
  • Massive increase in green employment
  • Environmental benefits
  • Economic and Socioeconomic development

We support a world where everyone enjoys access to essential human needs: clean energy, clean air, clean water, clean food, medical care, knowledge, communications, and community. Never before in human history has it been as expedient as it is now to craft the world we yearn for.