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All inclusive environmental, sustainability and safety consulting including climate change adaptation, disaster resilience, corporate social responsibility, OSHA and Environmental Safety and Health issues as well as EPA and European Environmental Policy Implementation.

Rainmakers Worldwide provides a full range of consulting services utilizing innovative green, cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems and site safety management for the public and private sector.  The cleanup of contaminated property can be costly and energy and resource-intensive.  We utilize green technology to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and use less energy and other resources in our approach.  Our methods are cost-effective and sustainable and many provide on-site alternatives.

Sustainability, Environmental and Site Safety

  • Develop and source scalable green technologies for producing renewable energy, water extraction and purification and solid and liquid waste disposal.
  • Cleanup of contaminated/waste water
  • Complete cleanup of contaminated soil thereby enabling 100% reuse of the soil.
  • Cleanup of contaminated air while generating renewable energy.
  • Solutions for water conservation and 100% reuse of black/ contaminated water.
  • Clean disposal of all solid waste while also generating green electricity.
  • Executing safety strategies and zero accident culture as well as monitoring daily construction activities for compliance with respect to OSHA and company rules/policies
  • Turnkey project management for installing sustainable infrastructure and systems.

 Sustainable Development

  • Create custom models of sustainability and build sustainable infrastructure for neighborhoods, communities, campuses, businesses, cities, states and countries worldwide.
  • Provide opportunities for creating green manufacturing and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide opportunities for commercialization of cutting edge technologies supporting sustainability.
  • Provide solutions for creating green jobs, education, training, entrepreneurship and environmental recovery.
  • Acquire financing for project implementation and technology development.