Global Sustainable Projects

Rainmakers Worldwide is currently engaged in the following sustainable infrastructure development projects:

California Sustainable Agro Tourism Resort

This project is planned on 200 acres of hilly pasture land in beautiful southern California. The project expands sustainable agricultural operations on an existing horse ranch and organic farm by adding organic orchards, vineyards, flower gardens and a coffee plantation. Also added will be an organic spa for holistic healing, an event center, a green organic food restaurant, an organic winery and an eco-hotel. All construction at the ranch will be fire and earthquake proof and certified green material. Several of our own renewable energy technologies will be integrated to provide green energy and net zero and even off grid operations. Similarly our water purification and wastewater treatment technologies will be integrated to provide 100% conservation and reuse of water for irrigation.  Electric and CNG vehicles will be used at the resort to further reduce the carbon footprint. Activities at the resort will range from farm and garden activities to horse riding, healing with horses, spa treatments, wine tasting and wine making, green weddings, conferences and classes on green living and wellbeing and permaculture. The entire operation will be seamlessly operated using the green and clean energy, water purification and wastewater treatment technologies that Rainmakers Worldwide develops creating a fully sustainable net zero energy and water consumption model. It has the potential to create over 500 green jobs and bring in valuable tourism dollars.

Africa Sustainable Infrastructure for Green Manufacturing Hubs


We will create Sustainable Infrastructure hubs in several countries in Africa. These projects are in collaboration with the governments of the respective countries and other global organizations. Each project will build a core of clean energy through solar and biofuels manufacturing plants in designated hub areas to provide the power and resource infrastructure for local industry and businesses to set up manufacturing within the zone. This leads to massive job creation and production of food and other goods and services as local businesses migrate to the green manufacturing hubs to avail of the clean infrastructure. State of the art housing, roads, transportation, education and training for the workforce follows the core infrastructure. The creation of clean and green power and energy will help preserve the forests and reduce dependence on dirty energy like coal and generators thereby leading to environmental benefits. Our integrated technologies will create a system of healthy living with holistic healthcare and educational systems revolving around this model. The hubs will create massive green employment with massive amounts of green energy, provide opportunities for training and education and sustainable socioeconomic development.


  • Grassroots Women Entrepreneurship Program imparts entrepreneurship training and self- employment opportunities to underprivileged women by providing them with solar panels or water purification systems enabling them to operate a small scale electricity generation or clean water business. This program has been initiated to provide a bridge to the high school educated rural or underprivileged¬† women who have no access to skilled employment. The program helps provide critical resources like electricity and clean water to the community while providing employment to the women and to those they will employ to run their businesses. This initiative is being introduce in Kenya to a group of high school educated Masai women who have returned to their villages after their education but have been unable to find any skilled employment. Discussions are underway to start the program in India.