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Waste Water Treatment Technology

Solar powered, high efficiency process capable of treating wastewater to eliminate all bacteria and harmful pathogens, as well as removing pharmaceuticals, personal care products and other pollutants.  Returns 99.9% pure water to streams and rivers. A novel wastewater treatment technology on a scalable and flexible platform enabling it to be implemented for industrial applications and municipal treatment facilities regardless of capacity requirements.

This electrochemical wastewater treatment process utilizes the properties of electrolysis to destroy organic pollutants in a unique way such that: (i) wastewater contaminants are eliminated at lower hydraulic retention times than biological or physical-chemical systems; (ii) the process does not produce residual bio-solids which require additional treatment and disposal; and (iii) the off gas produced during treatment can potentially be separated and purified to those gases that will have a value either to be: (a) distributed and sold off for use; (b) used to produce energy in a fuel cell or combustion device; (c) consumed by the process; or (iv) or sold back to the grid.

This patented process requires up to 75% less space than conventional approaches, thereby lowering potential capital costs and potentially increasing the overall economics of wastewater treatment. This technology also removes suspended solids, phosphorus, pharmaceutical and personal care products from contaminated water. While not yet regulated for municipal wastewater treatment, the removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products is of growing global concern as their presences in rivers and lakes adversely affects aquatic life, and in some instances, have been detected in drinking water.

Our solution integrates with existing technologies to create the next generation of wastewater treatment facilities that has the potential to efficiently remove contaminants in a more economical manner compared to conventional technologies.

Our technology will:

  • Rapidly treat wastewaters to legal requirements
  • Be carbon neutral
  • Have the flexibility to integrate with grid and renewable energy
  • Allow energy savings and/or cost savings from the co-production of hydrogen and oxygen
  • Produce multiple revenue streams through the sale of hydrogen and oxygen
  • Be designed and manufactured with a cradle-to-cradle philosophy.

This technology is ready to install. It is patented and in full operation in North America. Full financing through a power purchase agreement is available for this revolutionary technology.

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