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Solid Waste to Green Electricity Technology

State of the art technology combines sterilization, sorting, drying, pyrolysis and electricity production under one roof which is revolutionary in the waste processing and waste to energy industry. High in efficiency, scale and pollution control, this versatile technology produces massive amounts of electricity from municipal, commercial, industrial, agricultural, construction, hospital,  old tires,  oil and oil sludge and sewage waste. The most important feature of the plant is that it is odor and pollution free as it has NO Emissions and no smoke stacks. The plant is available in various sizes and produces multiple income streams from tipping fees, sale of recyclables, sale of electricity, sale of renewable energy credits and sale of other residue for road building or soil additives. The modular structure allows construction of the plant in phases. It produces green employment from the construction of the plant to the operations and finally to the distribution of generated electricity. Full financing through a power purchase agreement is available for this revolutionary technology.

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